Activity 2021‑03‑23






Spring 2021 USA


Soccer Match at Costa Rica
lost 1:4 (1:2)
I played forward for Team Playa Negra and I had two chances:
- first at minute 2, I overshoot the net
- second chance right before the end, but goalie blocked to a corner kick


Story: few days before I went with Roman to a local pizzeria to get dinner for our squad. While waiting for pizza we drank beer and talked about football and other topics. One guy approached us and asked what language we speak. We said Slovak and he answered he thought it was German:) Then we talked about Italia 90 World Cup, where Czechoslovakia played against Costa Rica. He remembered that match and me too (Roman did not, he is too young:) He invited us to watch the local football match on Tuesday, which we confirmed that we would be happy to come and watch. However, the day before the match he asked me if I have cleats here. I said no, I do not usually travel with my football equipment to vacation. He said he needs players for tomorrow's match so after a brief talk with Roman we decided to participate and play with our workout tennis shoes. And so we did :D