Activity 2024‑01‑21






Winter 2023 USA


AZ Heat 40 - D-1 FC 40 1:5 (0:3)
SUASL Soccer Game (spring season; round 1)

won, me 2 goals

Played with the Garmin watch and ran 8.3 km. Quite a lot.

The funny part is that a year ago, on 2023-01-22, I stole the ball to the defender and scored as well


This game started at 8 AM, which means a wake-up time is 6:20! But I had a good breakfast and coffee and even left early. We played 4-4-2, and I was upfront with Max. There were chances from the beginning.

In about 20 minutes into the game, Trent gave me a good pass on the right side. I went all the way to the goal and finished the action in the top-right corner. Our second goal was scored by Erick after the corner kick (with a bit of help from handball:) Max added the third goal from inside the box. If he had not been there, I have been right behind him. Also, I gave Max an excellent pass behind the defense; he went around the goalie but hit the post of the empty net. Hilarious:)

We played well in the second half as well. Max added the second goal, and I had another 2-3 chances, which I missed. But I managed to score our last goal when I stole the ball from the defender and the goalie had no chance. In the last minute, they scored from the free kick from the crossbar. Overall, it was a good performance, and I can't wait for the next match.

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