Activity 2024‑01‑08






Winter 2023 USA


Repeated Anytime Training

Pushing the limits and also preparing for the "up to failure" training on 2024-01-11.

First workout with Garmin watch. Works pretty well:)


warmup run (from home to gym)
full planks

10 exercises Street Workout:
- 12x pull-ups (next aim: 13x)
- 25x squats with 2kg weight (next aim: with 4kg weight)
- 25x push-ups (focus on style)
- 2x 25x lunges with 6kg weight
- 12x chin-ups (next aim: 13x)
- 20x squats on BOSU (without shoes) (next aim: 2kg weight)
- 30 secs rope (next aim: more than 30 secs)
- 2min wall-sit (next aim: more than 2min)
- 30x triceps
- 60x calves

10 exercises Machines:
- 15x 120lbs chest press (next aim: 125lbs)
- 15x 100lbs leg curl (hamstring) (next aim: 105lbs)
- 15x 55lbs shoulder press (next aim: 60lbs)
- 15x leg raise long
- 15x 150lbs rear delt (next aim: 155lbs)
- 20x 135lbs hip abductor (impossible to go higher)
- 15x assisted 43.75lbs wide pull up (next aim: 37.50lbs)
- 120lbs glute right (next aim: 125lbs)
- 15x assisted 12.50lbs bar dip (next aim: 0lbs)
- 120lbs glute left (next aim: 125lbs)

bonus: 12x biceps curl 70lbs standing (next aim: 80lbs)

1:10 min hang (next aim: more than 1:10)