Activity 2024‑01‑07






Winter 2023 USA


Early morning 8 AM pickup game

I had not played football in soccer cleats for a quite long, so I decided to take the opportunity. It was cold outside and it also started raining during the game, but still better than running into the hill in Thompson Peak :)

Good workout, 5 goals and 1 assist for me


I came late, so I went to play with the white team. The score was 2:1 for white and shortly I scored 3:1 with the shot from the longer distance. Then the black team was complaining they were weak and less, so I changed the shirt and played for black. Before the half, I scored another goal with the left foot. Since I switched the teams it went to the opposite net, so the halftime score was 3:2 for white.

The second half does not look very good, I think we (black) were losing 5:2 or something. On top of that, I had like 10-15 minute passage when no one was passing me the ball. But then Erick found me in the box with a nice back pass and I scored the goal. Then I turned to the higher gear, passed on one goal, and scored another, so it was tied 6:6 at the very end.

We have been playing the winning goal. We hit the post, then they had some chance, and then I scored the 7:6 winning goal and we could go home as it was raining quite a lot already.