Activity 2023‑12‑12






Winter 2023 USA


AZ Gunners at Shockers
won 9:5, me 1 goal

The game was 8:45, but quite late for me, since I still have jet lag, which I want to keep. I was also testing new Nike Mercurial Vapor turfs, which I bought the previous week and arrived just today (perfect timing!)

Jimmy did not come, but Alex was there and he was happy to see me as well!

The major objection I have is that this league is going to be too easy. This was the second-best team in the league (after us) and they did not even try to make it hard for us. All those good teams we played before, like Bafana or Dental Brothers, are in League A now, where we should be as well.


I started the game and shortly after I won the tackle on the side, passed David and it was 1:0. He scored 2:0 shortly after. The third goal was mine, an individual run with the finish to the left edge of the goal.

We played well, except occasional stupid things we did. For example, David tried to shoot from the whole field. Not once, not twice, but like three times during the match :D

Lenny scored two nice goals, one after dribbling and one over the goalie. I had two more assists: one to Zach in front of an empty net and another to David who scored the hat-trick.

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