Activity 2023‑12‑10






Winter 2023 USA


Bee Happy 4 Odin 5K Race
(5 kilometers run)

Nice 3rd place! After one year I made it to the podium again. The last time it was on 2022-11-12


The day before I decided to go for this race because it looked legit. The race was in a nice park close to the small lake. The route was a bit complicated, but they could not do it any other way.

Youngsters started with a pace of 3:20/km and after 500m I realized this was not going to work for me. But the second youngster realized that probably too and slowed down. Until the kilometer 4, I was behind him, but then he started going faster so I let him go.

At the finish, I graded my pace and finished third with an overall pace of 4:05/km. It is my personal record for 5km and I am slowly moving toward my personal goal of 4:00/km on this distance.

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