Activity 2021‑12‑12






Winter 2021 USA


Four Peaks Brewers 40 vs FC Sambita 40 - 4:2 (2:0)
SUASL Soccer Game (FINALS)

lost, me no goals


Early game 8 AM. Very cold outside. I wanted to rest my right leg and not come, but Inaudi get injured, so I feel obligated to come. Oscar gave me an elastic bandage for my right thigh and it was very useful for me. I went into the field in minute 15 as a substitution for Erick (again). I played left mid for most of the time. However, not many balls were coming there (exactly like in Saliby:) Overall I did not play very well, but I tried hard and made a few good centers from the left side with the left foot. Our first goal scored Charlie from the game and Oscar from penalty kick (created by Vince). For the second place, our team got a soccer ball and $100 in cash.

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